rock & roll is a false messiah.
celebrity, is soul on fire.
the drugs are a last resort,
an unseen force is closing the door.
rock & roll is a false messiah.

struggle is a lost art form.
we’ve let out the slack now here comes The Storm.
if you’re seeking, when you fail,
then you’ll know you’re on to something worth while.
struggle is a lost art form.

greed is a motivator
and truth, yeah, we’ll see you later
action! action! spectator, spectator.
freedom is a wasted favor.
innocence has lost her flavor.
we’ve all lost a wager...

saints and sinners bound up together.
actors and peasants and fairer weather.
parents and children in prefab houses,
letting go and swapping spouses.
the aftermath is becoming clearer.
this solemn ship has sailed up river.
we offer what we can’t deliver.


from Floating Islands E​.​P., released April 24, 2012




The Way We Were in 1989 Seattle, Washington

"... the sort of music that might be best appreciated in a Parisian coffeehouse for American ex-pats...stream-of- consciousness, observational fare. Existential, from both a musical and lyrical standpoint….The sort of twisty, understated album that probably would drive most folks mad. Find some patience, however, and you ought to find something wonderful..." www.aidabet.com ... more

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