Will you still love me the day that I die?
That day of loneliness, I’ll pay for all my crimes
Naïve and innocent the essence of pure
I stole it all from you and yet you still endure.
Why did you marry me so many years ago?
Did’you think you’d change my ways and free this broken soul
It breaks my heart to see the sadness in your eyes.
An empty shell remains your whole life’s passed you by.
...Oooh oooh
...Oooh oooh
...fade away
...fade away


from Floating Islands E​.​P., released April 24, 2012




The Way We Were in 1989 Seattle, Washington

"... the sort of music that might be best appreciated in a Parisian coffeehouse for American ex-pats...stream-of- consciousness, observational fare. Existential, from both a musical and lyrical standpoint….The sort of twisty, understated album that probably would drive most folks mad. Find some patience, however, and you ought to find something wonderful..." www.aidabet.com ... more

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